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NASTY Lyrics | DaBaby |

  NASTY Lyrics  Singer DaBaby She know I'm nasty (yeah) She like when I pull it out and I put it all over her ass cheeks (like, uh, ooh) And she don't gotta ask me (come on) Yeah, I want head before we fuck and I want it nasty She like when I tell her to spit on it (like, psh) I get mouth and I sit on the couch and I make her sit on it (let's go) Yeah, I was that lil' nigga that could take a bitch from his big homie Especially if she flexible, I flex her I take both her legs and I put 'em behind her head like she a pretzel Then I pick her up and slam her down on her head like I'm a wrestler Like mm, tryna kill the pussy, call the ambulance, get a stretcher I be fucking his bitch while he ain't at home And she got them pics of me in her phone Know that man a fool if he don't leave 'Cause bitch can't leave a nigga alone, she call me Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby We got London On Da Track Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby She ain'

BLAME IT ON BABY Lyrics | DaBaby |

  BLAME IT ON BABY Lyrics Singer DaBaby I'm like, "Fuck it, let the beat build nigga" I do my own thing, ain't worry 'bout how he feel nigga, let's go Special Ed, yeah, I'm a re-re nigga Can I get a re? (Ahem) Yeah, a refill, nigga Your favorite rapper say he fuckin' with Baby, somebody lied Play with ya kids, 'cause the last nigga played me, somebody died (yeah, yeah) Playin' both sides, go play the victim, oh, now they cryin' I water park when I slip in my baby, she let me slide Chocolate-ass nigga (yeah), real nigga rockstar Platinum sellin' popstar, poppin'-ass nigga (pop) My bitch is like a Barbie, woo like I'm Pop Smoke I lift up one leg when she drop that ass, nigga (drop) Shade Room, baby (shade), shade who? Everybody blame you, you ballin' like you Babe Ruth, baby (huh) Blame it on Baby, I let the beat build (wait a minute, who are you?) Okay K.I.D, drop the beat and watch me take it home, baby

DROP Lyrics | DaBaby |

  DROP Lyrics  Singer DaBaby My voice kinda fucked up, but you know Yeah They thought it was over 'til I pulled up in the drop I ran the light and hit the gas (yeah, yeah) She like it when I hit her with my chain on and my watch (yes, sir) She say, "Record, " I use the flash with it (yeah) She always been a good girl, but she fuck me like a thot (okay) I take my time, I have her blastin' (yeah) She know that nigga think he fuckin' with me, but he not She say I'm nothin' like her last nigga Thought that it was over, but I'm back now I run up them racks and now them hoes know how to act now Looking for the truth? You found a nigga Thought I was a one hit wonder 'til I dropped the album, didn't it? Thought I was just like you 'til I bought a new car Pull up in that bitch, like vroom And I dropped your boo off You'll probably pick her up later I probably pick up a quarter million and shit on a hater And it ain't a n

CHAMPION Lyrics | DaBaby |

  CHAMPION Lyrics  Singer DaBaby Yeah, yeah (Wait a minute, who are you?) (Ayo, K.I.D.) Let's go (woo) Yeah, I took the cash route I put in more time, more grind, no lyin' I didn't take the fast route (let's go) Suck it up, no cryin', no cryin', no cryin' I didn't ask for handouts (yeah) Go to work, no grind, no shine, no shine And that's how you stand out (yeah) Yeah, that's how I stand out (yeah) Yeah, I took the cash route I put in more time, more grind, no lyin' (let's go) I didn't take the fast route Suck it up, no cryin', no cryin', no cryin' I didn't ask for handouts (uh-uh) Go to work, no grind, no shine, no shine (yeah) And that's how you stand out Yeah, that's how I stand out (let's go) Yeah, I took the cash route I did it and did it again (what you did?) I started at one and I went up to ten Came back, now I'm winning again (uh-huh) We pull up behind tints, which one he g

JUMP Lyrics | DaBaby |

  JUMP Lyrics  Singer DaBaby Okay, let's go, nigga (Rocco did it again) (Wait a minute, who are you?) (Ayo, K.I.D.) I make it jump like, like crack in the '80s Baby, these bitch ass niggas ain't crazy Broke ass, ASCAP go straight to my baby (Hold on, Lil Top, talk to 'em, nigga) And I'll make my bitch talk to me when we fuckin' (talk back) Big rocks on my wrist, I bust it (bling) Big Glock on my hip, I'm clutchin' (let's go) Get lost on a bitch, ain't nothin' She say I look good, bitch, I been doin' push ups Play with Baby and Top, nigga, good luck My lil' daughter two, but got six figures put up Knock his head off his neck 'fore he look up Ten toes in they chest for a check, bitch, I stood up (what that mean?) I stood up on they neck for a check (uh-huh) Now my head get 'em stressed, I'm a vet I get 300K for a show, bitch, I'm blessed Go to trippin' and buckin', them hoes get down I s

FIND MY WAY Lyrics | DaBaby |

  FIND MY WAY Lyrics Singer DaBaby Wait a minute, who are you? (Ayy, yo, K.I.D) I keep it loaded when I ride 'cause I'm still a nigga I fuck with her to ease my mind, 'cause I be in my feelings And every single person in my life tell me I'm their hero But when it's up and then go down, they treat me like the villain Guess I forgot to mention I'm just a nigga with a broken heart, tryna find my way back home And I'm sittin' here with the car in park while she ride dick to my song Ooh, I know the feelin', ain't it? (Okay) You ever feel the way I feel, you know it feel amazin' (let's go) I had this bitch, we used to kick it, she was feelin' baby (mwah, mwah, mwah) She stepped on my heart, had me feelin' basic (damn) You know how people like to come back when you level up (uh-huh) I made a change, you stayed the same, I got ahead of ya Plus I been tryin' to free up some time in my schedule, but (uh-huh) Wh

SAD SHIT | DaBaby | Lyrics |

  SAD SHIT  Singer DaBaby Let me do some sad shit for the real niggas Yeah, I know my old bitch miss me Probably scrollin' down my timeline now (I know) Her friends tryna find out how (I) How she let a perfect nigga like me go (I know) And everywhere she go, my song on the radio, huh? She probably turned it down, don't wanna play me though, huh? (I know) But I ain't really trippin', how you did me, it was fucked up (yeah) But when you get your mind right (yeah), I'm waitin' on ya (yeah) 'Cause, baby, I know my old bitch miss me I miss you too, I can't even cap, like for real Now I'm gone, and my heart's empty (wait a minute, who are you?) I'm fucked up 'bout you (ayo, K.I.D.) Let me switch it up real quick, let me switch it Tell me what I did to you, thought I could be real with you (I know) Let's go get a crib, I can live with you Have some kids with you, yeah, yeah Fuck that, I'm back on my pimpin'

TALK ABOUT IT Lyrics | DaBaby |

  TALK ABOUT IT  Singer DaBaby Baby (Wheezy outta here) Let's go My uncles taught a nigga how to hustle My mama taught me how to use a rubber I was six years old tryna sell a nigga candy All I knew was how to get the money (let's go) I done broke a lot of records in a year now Grammy nominated nigga, bitch, it's lit now I was tryna tell 'em I was special as a jit I still'll open fire on a nigga, make him get down, get down, get down Yeah, bitch, you ain't seen a nigga do it like Baby (uh-uh) Big chain and I'm solo in this bitch Glock four-five, AP and four bracelets (let's go) I just spent three million on the crib (three Ms) And I don't even be there, I just did it for my baby (no cap) You prolly never met a nigga like me Really 'bout whatever, from the bottom like the basement (the bottom) You might have a point but I ain't finna argue with you Won't go back and forth or be to shoutin' I'm in the studio I go

LIGHTSKIN SH!T Lyrics | DaBaby |

  LIGHTSKIN SH!T Lyrics Singer DaBaby Ah, ah, aha Yeah (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one) My bitch like a model Where the genie? She shaped like a bottle Fuck a IG, she too fine to follow Powerball, bitch I just hit the lotto (cha-ching) Tylenol, she too sick, call a doctor (sick) Fuck a pill, where that pussy? I pop it (I pop) I'm a dog, I'ma shit on my last hoe All the pretty bitches need a asshole, let's go Lightskin shit She fuck with me, she turn into a lightskin bitch (uh, ha) Family in our business on some hypeman shit She ain't respondin' to my text, she on some lightskin shit I don't like that shit Pull up with a new hoe (let's go, skrr) Wrecked my four door, I went bought a two door (yeah) When you out we on liquor and Nuvo (huh) I'ma dog on a bitch, call me Cujo (grr) Bitch, yeah, I went ran the score up (uh) Put my dick down her throat 'til she throw up (throw up) Hard to hideout in public, they know us Picture's