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Tera Hoon Na Lyrics - Nikhil D’Souza -

Tera Hoon Na Lyrics

Tera Hoon Na Lyrics
Singer Nikhil D’Souza
Music Tanishk Bagchi
Song WriterRashmi Virag


Mujhko Pata Nahi
Din Hai Ke Raat Hai
Haan Bas Pata Hai Ye
Tu Mere Sath Hai

Der Tak
Mujhe Baahon Mein Rehne De
Door Tak
Is Lamhein Ko Chalne De

Dil Mein Jo
Hai Mujhko Wo Kehne De Na

Main Jaisa Bhi Tera Hoon Na
Bas Tera Hoon, Tera Hoon Na
Main Jaisa Bhi Tera Hoon Na
Bas Tera Hoon, Tera Hoon Na

Hogi Koi Na Koi Kami
Mujh Mein Bhi Kahin
Par Rakhna Yaqeen

Main Tere Bina Kuch Bhi Nahi
Ik Tere Siwa Koi Mera Nahi

Zindagi Mujhe Sang Apne Jeene De
Rooh Ko Teri Chhoo Ke Guzarne De
Sath Mein Mujhe Apne Tu
Behne De Na Haan

Main Jaisa Bhi Tera Hoon Na
Bas Tera Hoon, Tera Hoon Na
Main Jaisa Bhi Tera Hoon Na
Bas Tera Hoon, Tera Hoon Na

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Label: T-Series


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